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I write stories, make fake posters, draw a little and post pictures from con's I've been to so enjoy ^^




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Many millennia ago on a day no more or less special when dragons an ancient but secretive race of large magical reptilian creatures were still a small in numbers but still a slowly growing population, news of something new and never before seen broke out and became a subject of much gossip.  The female of a young mated pair of black dragons from a small and nearly unheard of family known as Bizo had given birth to not one but two twin dragon sons.
Twins until this day were unheard of, weather the young were born live or hatched from an egg; it was always a lone child.
Two years pass and the news of twins reach even the ears of the Prime Dragons, ancient and very wise dragons that were the first dragons of every color to ever exist.  One Prime in particular, a white dragon named Abban Macarius is the most interested in this news and has come to see these twins with his own eyes and document anything that may make them different from any other young dragon.
On the outskirts of a small dragon town made up of a massive dome shaped cave so large one might sometimes forget they are inside one with many smaller multilayered caves owned by the citizens of the town, a smaller cave owned by the Bizo family sits.  Inside the cave in one of its many chambers layered by a soft bioluminescent green grass play two young dragons both no more than two years old.
Abban approaches the home of the twins but stops outside the cave entrance to observe anything that that may make this home different from any other Dracarion home.  
Outside the cave grow a few bioluminescent bushes with large plum bright blue fruit the size of a large tomato growing on its branches with a few stones here and there. While the inside of the cave has many small crystals in the roof of it like all dragon homes that create a soft golden glow and provide lighting, the cave walls themselves are smooth and covered in a dark green moss.
Abban observes the cave for a few more minutes before rubbing two of his claws together and making a small spark with the friction that seems to come to life as a small flare of magic that flies inside until it reaches the mother of the twins.
Moments later a large black dragon standing at five meters on all fours and twelve meters long walks out of the cave entrance, her eyes are a lite yellow eyes, her scales are pure black and two small 3 foot black horns that stand straight outwards from the back of her head.
Abban himself stands quite a bit larger than her at eight meters on all fours and fifteen meters long.  His own scales are pure white while his eyes are a light sky blue as well as two large 7 foot white horns that run from the back of his head just like hers but below the large ones two smaller 4 foot white horns that run the same way.
Abban smiles at the new mother and stands on his hind legs towering over her at 13 meters and then leans his head down moving his left foreleg in front of his chest, preforming a Dracarion version of a bow.    
Mrs. Bizo however simply stares shocked at the presence of a Prime Dragon outside her home let alone bowing to her but manages to stutter a surprised greeting. “M-Master Abban, it is an honor to be in your presence.” She says but in her surprise realizes she has yet to bow in return and immediately stands and does a clearly panicked bow.  
Abban smiles and speaks in a calming but polite tone. “Calm yourself young one.  There is no need to be so nervous.” Abban’s calming tone of voice settling her rattled nerves. “I do hope I am not interrupting anything”
“No Master Abban I was simply watching the children” She replies though seemingly still in shock that a Prime of all dragons has come to her home. “How may I assist you Master Abban?” She asks.  
“Well” Abban begins. “I understand that it is rather rude to just stop by unannounced and I do apologize and I hope I am not imposing further but I would very much like to meet your twin sons that have been the talk of many for some time.” He answers.
Mrs. Bizo agrees and turns leading Abban into her home walking down a few tunnels until they reach a larger chamber that seems to act as a playroom for the children and the two young dragons one slightly bigger than the other that are currently wrestling each other in it.
Mrs. Bizo steps forward to her children “Boys, please stop playing for a few moments and greet our guest.”
The twins look up at her then at Abban and walk over to them and greet their visitor however the larger one runs past the smaller one smiling and lightly bonks the smaller one on the head with his right clawed hand.  The smaller one however looks annoyed by this and tackles the bigger one to the ground roughly.
“Rident, Durand stop now!” Their mother yells grabbing their attention and clearly displeased with their behavior.  She turns to the larger one who is still smiling and speaks to him first. “Rident, you know your brother does not enjoy it when you do such things.  Please try to behave?” Rident nods and looks at his smaller brother and just grins at him.
Mrs. Bizo then turns to the smaller one who seems to be glaring at his grinning brother and speaks to him. “Durand, stop glaring at your brother and look at me as I speak to you.”
Durand looks up at her though he seems to be glancing at Rident quite a bit knowing that he is in trouble and seemingly blaming his grinning brother for it.
“Durand, I know that when Rident does little things like that to you it annoys you however, you should never result to physical violence.  You know he loves you, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be so eager to play with you.”
Durand nods and looks up at Abban curiously. “Momma?” He begins. “Who is he?” He asks.
“Well, this is Master Abban; he is the very first dragon to have ever lived and the Prime White dragon.  He would like to see and speak with you both.” She answers.
“Oh, okay” Durand says looking up at Abban.
Abban has been watching the twins since he entered the room.  Both twins look like any other young dragon at their age.  They are slightly larger than the size of a human two year old, their scales are a lighter black still darkening as they grow, their horns are still small little numbs with no point to them as well as their claws and their wings are clearly too short for anything more than gliding short distances.  Abban does however note that the larger one seems seems to be much more playful and carefree while the smaller one seems to be more aggressive and direct.
Abban smiles at the twins and speaks to them both. “Well I do apologize for interrupting your play time little ones.” He says.
“But I thought I would like to meet the twin brothers that have made so much news.  Now if I may ask how old are you both?  And of course what are your names? After all it is always best to introduce yourself to someone new as it is the polite thing to do.” He says smiling.
Durand speaks first. “My name is Durand; I’m two years old and really strong.” He says rather proudly. “And if it’s polite to say who you are first how come you didn’t do it?” He asks bluntly and rather disrespectfully much to his mother’s horror.
“Durand!” She shouts in panic. “That isn’t how you speak to your Elders let alone a Prime!”
Abban however chuckles lightheartedly “No, no Mrs. Bizo.  It is quite alright, and he is correct, I should have introduced myself before asking for his name.” Abban turns back to Durand and smiles. “You are a very blunt young man but you certainly do have a perceptive young mind.  When you noticed my mistake you brought it to my attention.” He says.
“And now I shall rectify my mistake.  I am Abban Macarius; it is very nice to meet you Durand.” He says smiling.
“Um… too.” Durand responds though confused why his mother panicked and this guest only smiled and congratulated him.
Abban turns to Rident. “And who might you be young man?” He asks smiling.
Rident looks up at Abban and smiles. “I’m Rident! “ He answers smiling. “I’m two years old and this is my favorite little brother!” He says smiling as he pulls Durand into a tight and rather comfortable looking hug.
“Little brother?” Abban asks curiously.
Durand doesn’t look thrilled about his brother’s hugging him and seems to be struggling to break free of Rident’s grasp much to his displeasure. “I am not your little brother!” He yells irritated.  
Mrs. Bizo sighs at her sons as she turns to Abban. “Rident is two minutes older than Durand so in that sense Durand technically is Rident’s younger brother.”
“Ah, I see” Abban replies as he watches the two brothers.
Durand manages to break free of Rident’s grasp but then turns around and tackles his brother to the ground.
Rident only smiles and starts wrestling his brother.  The two brothers continue wrestling on the ground until Rident sits on his brothers back smiling.  Durand however is clearly frustrated. “Get off!” He yells in anger.
Rident responds only by looking down at Durand and sticking out his tongue while smiling.
Durand growls bearing his small carnivorous teeth at Rident as his rage continues to build. “GET OFF RIDENT!”  
Rident stops sticking out his tongue and seems to think. “Hmmmmm……..nope!” He says smiling at his enraged brother. “You’re always grumpy so till I see a biiiig smile on your grumpy face I’m just going to sit right here” He says with a big smile on his face.
Abban watches the brothers then looks at Mrs. Bizo who shakes her head. “Is this normal behavior for them?” He asks.
“Yes.” She replies sadly.
“Durand has such a short temper and Rident only makes it worse when he does things like this to him though even when Durand gets angry he never does anything to physically hurt Rident.  In fact whenever Rident hurts himself Durand starts crying and calling for me or his father so he does love his brother.” She continues.
Durand however isn’t happy at the things his mother is telling Abban and speaks up. “I didn’t cry momma!” He says defensively. “I just wanted to find you so you could make Rident’s owies go away!” He explains.
Rident however seems to be ignoring the entire conversation, he looks down at his brother then jumps off Durand’s back but before Durand can even react, Rident tackles his brother to the ground smiling and then begins to wrestle again. “I’m gonna beat you this time!  And then you have to stop annoying me for a whole week!” Durand shouts as the two wrestling.
However Rident can be heard laughing as he replies. “And if I win you have to admit I’m your big brother and then smile for a whole week!”
Abban chuckles as he watches the two. “Well they certainly are opposites aren’t they?” He looks at Mrs. Bizo. “How often do they make these little deals?” He asks.
“Every week” She replies.
“And every week Rident wins but he never makes Durand keep his end of the deal.  He doesn’t seem to want to force Durand to smile and wants to see him do it on his own.” She continues.
“I see.” he replies simply.
Abban lays down crossing his front forearms before him watching the two young dragons wrestle until Rident wins and sits atop Durand again preventing him from getting up.
“No fair!” Cries Durand as he looks up at Rident. “How come you always win?” He asks upset that he lost again.
“Because I’m not a grump monster like you.” Answers Rident smiling happily as he sits on Durand’s back.
Rident looks at Abban then jumps off Durand and runs over to him smiling. “Do you wanna play to Mr. Abban?” Rident asks smiling.
Abban blinks seemingly surprised at the young dragon’s question. “I am afraid I am very good at games young one.”
Rident seems to think then smiles as an idea comes to him. “How about we play on you?” He suggests.
“Pardon?” He asks.
“You’re bigger than our dad!  So we can climb on you and slide down your wings and it will be like climbing a big mountain!” He says smiling.
“Well I…..”
“Please?” Rident pleads.
Abban sighs in defeat and smiles lightly. “Very well young one, but only for a few minutes.”
“YAY!” He shouts with joy as he climbs unto Abban’s front forearm and onto his back.
Durand watches his brother and tries to follow him and climb onto Abban’s back however he doesn’t seem to be able to get stable grip.  Durand runs around and jumps on Abban’s snout grabbing onto his horns to get a better grip as he pulls himself up onto Abban’s head.
Abban blinks and makes a few muffled sounds but doesn’t stop the young dragon even as Durand sits on Abban’s head. “Ha!  I’m higher up than you Rident!” He calls to his brother triumphantly.
Abban chuckles to himself a bit and extends one folded wing until it reaches the ground.
Rident smiles widely then looks at her brother with sheer excitement on his face. “Follow me!” he says as he runs to Abban’s right side and slides down Abban’s wing laughing the entire way down.
“Rident wait!” Durand calls as he climbs down Abban’s neck from his head then to his left side.  Durand just stares at the extended wing looking a bit intimidated by the height and even a little scared.
Rident climbs back onto Abban, then every so quietly walks over to Durand and sits right behind him. Rident grins widely then pushes Durand off Abban’s side and down his extended wing. “Go on brother!” He says smiling.
Durand yells in terror as he slides down but Rident who had fallen onto the wing after pushing his brother only laughs with pure enjoyment as he slides down. Durand hits the ground eyes wide with fear but soon falls face first into the bioluminescent grass as he brother slides right into him only moments after smiling. “That was fun huh Durand!” He asks smiling.
Durand pulls his face out of the ground and glares at his brother for a long moment before smiling a little. “That was kinda fun” he replies.
Abban smiles watching how the brothers play and even though they are opposite in personality how much they clearly care about each other.
A few hours pass before Abban decides it is time for him to take his leave; he says his goodbyes to Mrs. Bizo and twins.  Promising to come back again another time if they ever wish for him to play with them again but until that time he has much work to do.  Just before Abban is out of view of the Bizo family he takes one last look back and smiles as he sees the two brothers once again wrestling but with smiles on their faces.
Twin Brothers
This is just a little background story I wrote for my OC's Durand and his twin brother Rident.  This is also my first story I have ever written in a story format so please give feedback as a bit of constructive criticism if you can.

Abban, Rident and Durand are all (c) to me.

Helpful Hints?

Sat Apr 5, 2014, 11:53 PM

So I lost my voice today and I'm basically looking for any helpful hints that anyone may now about curing it.  I can barely speak above a whisper and the more I use my voice the quieter I have become.  Basicly what happened is last Saturday night I felt fine but Sunday morning I woke up with a HORRIBLE cold (Stuffy/runny nose, the usually fun stuff) But the air in Arizona the past few days has been VERY dry.  Unusually dry and that tied in with a cold had made it so my throat started to get sore around Thursday.  By Friday I had started to notice my voice declining somewhat but as I am a Cashier and part of my job is to talk and up sale things all day I'm sure this also helped speed up my cold.  Not to mention Thursday night while closing the store my other closers had left before they were supposed too and I didn't get to leave until 10:20pm (Since everything has to be done before anyone is SUPPOSED TO LEAVE) on a already 8 and a half hour shift while sick which turned it into a little over 9 hour shift.  And today I had offically lost my voice.  My supervioer let me leave about 15 minutes early which I am grateful for since it was an 8 hour and 15 minute shift.  Anyway I'm just looking for advice so far I am doing the following to help my voice (And cold)

I have been drinking both Orange Juice (For Vitamin C) And Hot water with Lemon Juice and Honey (Since I was told by another co-worker that Lemon juice kills germs which can lead to a loss of voice and honey soothes the throat) I have also re-framed from trying to speak as that will only strain my voice further than it already is. (And I have the next 2 days off so that should help as well)  Any other remedies which be very much appreciated since I have never lost my voice before. So if you have any please comment them! :D

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